Summer 2021 COLA Archive

This is the schedule for the Summer 2021 COLA Program. Fellows are invited to attend all group sessions and will work with their small groups to set meeting times and modalities that work best for the group.

Resources and links from group sessions and workshops will be posted each week.


Monthly Topic: Developing and Augmenting Your Skillset

Week of June 1st

Weekly Topic: Getting to know the program and defining Multimodal Teaching

Week of June 7th

Weekly Topic: Developing Habits of Reflective Practice
Cohort meetings based on schedules the groups set.

Workshop Opportunities

Week of June 14th

Weekly Topic: Communicating and Documenting Your Scholarly Work and Identity
Cohort meetings based on schedules the groups set

Workshop Opportunities

Week of June 21st

Weekly Topic: Crafting Your Teaching Philosophy and Values
Cohort meetings based on schedules the groups set

Workshop Opportunities

Week of June 28th

Weekly Topic: Enacting Your Teaching Philosophy and Values
Cohort meetings based on schedules the groups set

Workshop Opportunities

EDLI Weekly Webinar “Enacting Your Teaching Philosophy and Values” (June 30, 2-3:30pm) with EDLI Team

Campus Workshop: Assessment Technologies Overview (June 29, 10-11:30am)


In this informational workshop, we will introduce the wide array of assessment technologies supported by MSU, provide example use cases, and compare & contrast similar tech. The goal is to summarize your options and inform your selection of assessment strategies & the tools you want to use (e.g., discussions, quizzes/exams, creative projects/essays).


Monthly Topic: Pulling your work together into practice

During July you will largely be working individually and in small groups based on similar focal areas of your Focused Study work.

  • Individualized work (create or work on at least one module in your teaching focus area)
  • Focus on your personal pedagogical exploration
  • Weekly cohort interaction (synchronous or asynchronous)
  • Turn in the link for modules to be peer-reviewed


Monthly Topic: Documenting, Evaluating, and Reporting Out

Week of August 2nd

  • Module peer reviews take place – Detailed information will be posted on July 23 about this process
  • Prepare for Virtual Gallery Walk / Ignite Session

Week of August 16th

  • Report out take-home message of the reviews in cohort meetings
  • 8/16, 1-2:30pm: Virtual Gallery Walk / Ignite Session – share completed work with the program
  • Final reflection due by end of month

End of Summer Reflection Prompt

The Colleges’ Online Learning Academy (COLA) program is a summer fellowship that allows graduate students to more deeply engage with digital teaching and learning in their work. The fellowship provides opportunities for professional development, networking, and mentorship, deep dives into aspects of teaching, and opportunities for peer review and to reflect on teaching practice.

The following is a list of prompts for you to reflect upon and come up with your reflection for the summer 2021 COLA experience. Please address at least five of the following eight prompts/questions provided in your reflection and submit the reflection and a link to your portfolio in the D2L course site by August 31, 2021. 

  • Please reflect on your experiences in the program, particularly on the development of your teaching-related skills and knowledge.
  • Along what dimension do you think your teaching has changed the most and how will this affect your teaching?
  • What was particularly challenging or surprising as you developed your course module?
  • What are questions you still have, or which have developed during this program, about your teaching practice?
  • Reflecting on your experiences interacting with fellow graduate students across different colleges, what are the aspects that you identify as useful and relatable from these experiences? What experiences are you hearing that tie into yours and how?
  • What is your biggest takeaway about digital or multimodal teaching?
  • Generally, what is your biggest takeaway from this summer 2021 COLA experience? 
  • Please feel free to share any thoughts and/or suggestions for us to further improve the COLA fellowship experience in the future.