Summer 2022 COLA Archive

This year’s program funs from our kickoff meeting on June 1, 2022 through the reflection due date on August 30, 2022.

We also have additional details and registration links for most of the workshops we will offer in June. We recommend you attend at least three of the June workshops and write short reflection pieces on each of them for your portfolio. You can register anytime leading up to the workshops.

Cultivating a Reflective Practice: Thurs June 2 from 2:00-3:30pm on Zoom

Description: Reflecting on your teaching practice or professional work can help you work out your goals, future directions, and plans to achieve them. This workshop will guide you through thinking about how you already engage in self-reflection in your professional roles and provide additional frameworks for reflective practice. You will come away with a plan for how to adopt, change, or expand your reflective practice. 

Multimodality Overview & Course Design: Tues Jun 7 from 2-3pm and Fri Jun 10 from 10-11am (both on Zoom)

This workshop will include two synchronous sessions with asynchronous work in between. Participants should plan to attend both synchronous sessions.

Description: “Multimodality” refers to the multiple ways that course content and delivery is offered online or in-person, for example by offering Zoom access to in-person classes, having online assessments, or posting videos of course sessions. In this workshop, we will cover important considerations for various modalities, how to decide on appropriate modalities, and how to develop course components for certain modalities. 

**please register for both sessions of this workshop

Facilitating Student Motivation in Learning: Tue June 14 from 2-3pm on Zoom. 

Description: How do we as teachers effectively facilitate student motivation? This session builds on educational theories such as the self-determination theory, assists participants to explore strategies to facilitate student motivation in the learning context. This workshop will be particularly useful for graduate students without a background in educational theories seeking to deepen their understanding of student motivation and explore actionable ideas around it. 

Student Engagement and Classroom Management: Fri Jun 17 from 10am-11am on Zoom

Student engagement is at the heart of teaching and learning. This workshop explores strategies for student engagement particularly addressing the challenge in online or multimodal learning. In discussing student engagement, we will also briefly explore ways to efficiently address issues with online class management.

Fostering Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion in Online Classrooms: Offered Asynchronously during the week of Jun 20

Online classrooms require additional considerations to ensure that all learning materials and assessments are accessible for students with different needs and disabilities. Using guidelines from Quality Matters, we will provide recommendations for how to ensure your materials are accessible. We will also offer resources on a variety of classroom equity and inclusion techniques and participants will learn some concrete strategies for improving inclusion in their classrooms.

Crafting and Managing your Digital Portfolios: Tues Jun 28 from 2-3pm on Zoom

Participants will learn about the various online spaces and tools for hosting a professional portfolio or other digital professional presence. We will discuss strategies for managing your professional online persona and introduce participants to MSU Commons, MSU’s institutional repository and a place for digital scholarly work and networking.